I am Mxstress Cleo

FemDom persona of a Queer Deviant Entity.

Incarnate into an earthly body, born for Domination and Worship.

My beauty, My curves, and My devious mind all perfectly designed to subdue your mind and body.

The Dominatrix you have been dreaming to serve.

I have loved subversion and deviance My whole life. Nothing about Me has ever been traditional. I have never conformed to society’s definition of womanhood. I am too powerful, too brilliant, too unique for that. BDSM is the perfect arena to bring My raw feminine power to its full extent. When you enter the sacred space of this Mistress’s domain, you leave your troubles and woes behind you. You leave your thoughts and your idea of self behind and become a vessel for My will and My desires. I close the door on all you knew before Me, and usher you into a new life of ecstatic suffering, cathartic transformation, worship and devotion.

I am a vicious and delightful Sadist, My laughter the soundtrack to your delicious pain. Masochists are some of My very favorite playthings. I love the art of creating a symphony of sensations in your body, your skin My canvas. Together W/we will ride the waves of euphoria only a true Sadist and Her devoted masochist can achieve. I will meter out your discipline and punishment until I am satiated. Do you think you can handle it?

Gender play is a great passion of Mine. I can transform you, physically and mentally into the feminine form you’ve always dreamed of. Once transformed, W/we can explore many delightful forms of play. Is your fantasy to be My pretty and proper maid, serving My whims? Or perhaps you long to be a trashy, gaudy slut to be used however I see fit? Let’s find out together. I also enjoy affirmative gender play and coaching on any part of the gender spectrum. I am particularly fond of My trans and queer submissives.

Roleplay is yet another fantastic realm to bring kink into. Perhaps I have captured you and will torture you as I see fit until you give me the information I want. Or maybe I’m your cruel boss who delights in humiliating you at work. Or the mean but oh so sexy teacher punishing and teasing you. I love the creativity these scenes bring out in Me.

However W/we decide to play, it is a consent based and collaborative process. I am open to playing with submissives of all races, abilities, and gender identities. Each session is tailored to O/our shared interests, abilities, and limitations. What will W/we create together? There’s only one way to find out…